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Crazy Healthy Green Smoothie

09/29/2015 22:04


Crazy Healthy Salad Recipe!

09/10/2015 18:17


Pasta Tofu And Steamed Veggies Healthy Recipe

08/06/2015 16:35


Healthy Green Monster Soup

07/24/2015 21:44


How To Eat Healthy On A Budget And Lose Weight

07/21/2015 14:32
This subject in its own deserves to have an entire blog post dedicated to it, mostly because there is just so much to talk about I can not just write a quick description of it. I need to explain to all of you exactly how to eat heatlhy on a budget and lose weight and I can not do that in a short...


Inspirational Quotes About Being Healthy

07/21/2015 14:30
These are some famous quotes that I live by on a day to day basis, very inspirational for me <3    Health is a large word.  It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well;…and not today's pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a man....


Quick Story About My Struggle Losing Weight

07/21/2015 14:18
Before we get started I figured that now would be an awesome time to tell you my story and why we are here. I will try and keep it short but sweet because I know how boring it can be to sit and listen to somebody elses story. I promise that if you listen you will gain a little bit of knowledge from...


My 3 Favorite Workout Routines For Losing Weight

07/21/2015 14:10


Hey Everybody, Welcome!

07/21/2015 14:09
First post of my journey and I want to use it to thank you for coming and welcome to the best blog on the internet! If you are trying to lose weight or trying to change your lifestyle to a healthier one then you should stay and read some more blog posts.