About Me

My name is lacie and I just graduated from college a few weeks ago, I went to school to become an engineer. Recently I have decided to start getting my health better situated and have decided to start working out and eating healthier. I made this blog to keep track of my progress and to possibly help somebody out there who also would like to do the same. Other than that, my interested involve gardening, farming, horseback riding and hiking. I love the outdoors and love all things natural. I have a 3 year old daughter who I love very much and a boyfriend of 5 years as well.  I want to keep track of everything I do for the purpose of my health. 

Never give up on your dreams because they might just become reality sooner than you think 

History of project

I have been starting my journey to getting healthier about a month ago so I would say that this project is about a month long. I hope to keep this going for about a year. Keeping progress of my workout routines and diet. 

Our users

We welcome pretty much anybody to come read the blog, I have no problem if you are just here to learn. Even if you are not going to take action. Most of our users will be people in general that are trying to lose weight and start eating healthier.