Quick Story About My Struggle Losing Weight

07/21/2015 14:18

Before we get started I figured that now would be an awesome time to tell you my story and why we are here. I will try and keep it short but sweet because I know how boring it can be to sit and listen to somebody elses story. I promise that if you listen you will gain a little bit of knowledge from this, sit back and relax and pay attention. 

It started when I was in the 12th grade and I was going through some pretty intense changes, I noticed that I was starting to gain a considerable ammount of weight and I noticed that I had began losing control of myself to some extent. Whenever I would get hungry I would immediatley get in my car and go to the nearest fast food place. I didn't even think twice about it and before I knew it 2 years had passed and I was a whopping 215 pounds. This was actually pretty crazy for me because all my life I had never weighed more than 150 so putting on 75ish pounds in 2 years was shocking to me. There was something wrong with me I had a problem with eating and I couldnt control myself. Pretty soon I would make a decision that was going to change my life forever and I didn't even know.

A couple months passed since I had checked my weight and I was actually afraid to check again, I decided that It was finally time to take control of my life for the better and lose at least 30 pounds. That was my goal, I knew it wasnt going to be enough be 30 pounds was doable and I was going to try my hardest to acheive that goal no matter what it took. I started looking up online some healthy diets and recipes that I could start making, as well as that I started a daily workout routine that was pretty intense for me.  I stuck to the healthy eating and I stuck to the workout routine for a solid 3 months. 

Before I was afraid to step on the scale but this time I felt very confident that I was going to see some improvement, I stepped on the scale and noticed that I had lost about 15 pounds. This was amazing to me, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders literally. And never felt better about myself more than that moment. It has been about 2 years now and I am about 30 pounds lighter than I was even then. I stick to my healthy workout routines and eating almost daily. Recently I have been slacking so that is why I created this blog to keep myself motivated. 

I weigh about 172 right now and I want to get to 150 by the end of the year, so hopefully I can meet that goal.